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Vicki Lynn Maltais was born and raised in a small municipality near Campbellton, N.B. She graduated high school in 2013 and worked as a certified early childhood educator and director for almost 9 years.

Vicki Lynn Maltais, Moncton Realtor/Agent Immobilier

She moved to Moncton in 2016 to study interior design at université de Moncton. Halfway through her studies Vicki got pregnant with her daughter and had to take a break from her degree. She then started her real estate course while on maternity leave and got her real estate license when her daughter turned 1 year old.

Vicki has joined the Creativ Realty Inc. team in April 2021 and is working in partnership with Alex Girouard Realty.

Needless to say, Vicki is very passionate about design, homes and her love for helping others will makes her clients a top priority!

Vicki Lynn Maltais, Moncton Realtor/Agent Immobilier

She feels so blessed to have gotten the opportunity to work closely with a very experienced and hard-working professional like Alex who will help her in her real estate journey. Vicki loves her new career and finally feels as if she has found her dream job.

In her spare time, Vicki loves spending time with her daughter, her dog, her friends and her family. She also plans to someday return to finish her interior design degree as she feels these two professions would go lovely together!

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